Norbu is a 100% natural sweetener that harnesses the clean sweet taste of Monk Fruit. 
Using the natural sweetness of monk fruit we created a healthy, natural way to enjoy a little sweetness - without the artificial nasties.
As Monk Norbu prepared some tea outdoors, a strange fruit plopped into his vessel.

His tea became as sweet as a sunny afternoon! What a gift from above! Sweet days followed for all.
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Nearly 800 years ago Monk fruit was cultivated in the remote hillsides of Central Asia. Lucky for us after all this time this unique green fruit has been discovered to bring you Norbu, the natural sweetener.

Norbu’s natural sweetness and clean taste makes it a perfect companion for baking a cooking. Whether your baking a cake or making a sweet chili sauce Norbu is a delightful natural zero calorie option.
We are happy to answer all your Norbu questions, whether it’s to know how great Norbu tastes or how this wonderful sweetener is made, we will reply to everything right here in our FAQs.